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New Bullet Outrigger “Problem Child”

Alright, here is what you all have been waiting for- the newest Bullet Top Fuel Hydro! With new improvements, based of the proven design of the previous boats, we are sure that you all will be pleasantly surprised with the results. We have developed new ways to reduce unnecessary weight while simultaneously increasing rigidity in key areas and changing the way the hull flexes in others. We made these changes to ensure a competitive boat in the new shorter track (1000 ft. vs. 1/4 mile).

At Bullet Fiberglass we strive to place ourselves at the forefront of safety. As with any high powered sport, the limits of speed and power are pushed further and further every year. Our goal is not to build the “end all,” but to constantly develop ways we can improve what already is, or invent what isn’t. After completing thorough research and testing, we have made many necessary and beneficial improvements to the capsule. We have identified some areas of potential safety threats that are found on conventional capsules and designed those threats out of our capsule. Our windshield is smaller than ever before with a never before thought of mounting system which drastically reduces the chance of the windshield being hydraulically pealed apart from the capsule (a Bullet exclusive). We added a full foam supported safety seat which is custom fit to each individual driver. This new seat works on the body like a helmet works on a head, with a hard outer shell and foam liner to disperse any impact across the entire surface of the driver’s body. This greatly reduces the forces present during an impact at high speed. The new capsule incorporates a 7-point harness to fully secure the driver as well as additional head support pads to cushion any impact and once again control the extreme physical forces that are present during high speed crashes. This new capsule design is already being looked at to set the new standard for what is to be expected in the future. Stay tuned for more soon.

Here is a cool video shot durring setup of the new boat. Most boats are not well ballanced or light enough to pull off a stunt like this. Of course this is not the fastest way down the track, but it sure does look cool.